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Second Wind

Second Wind Air Purifier

When allergies and respiratory issues keep you from being comfortable in your own home, Second Wind Air Purifier can help. This product is an excellent addition to the already existing air conditioning system. Viruses, particles and other airborne organisms are what affects your normal breathing. Eliminating the toxins is very important. Second Wind Air Purifier drastically reduces the allergens and particles throughout your home, leaving you and your family with fresh air. This product can even remove tobacco smoke odor from your home. With the patented process, the ultraviolet light sanitizes the air that passes through your air HVAC system.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has stated that almost 90 percent of people relax in their homes, rather than enjoy the outdoors. But did you know that your indoor air pollutant levels could be between 50 to 99 percent higher than the pollutants outdoors. Air purification systems help reduce the infectious diseases that may be floating in your air. Talk with an associate from AC Today to obtain more information.