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Blue QR

BLU QR2 UV Lite Stick

Quick Release AC Ultraviolet Treatment System.

The RGF BLU QR2 Ultraviolet Lite Stick is specifically designed to keep your AC coil free from Mold, Mildew, Bacteria and odors. With a disinfected/cleaner coil your air conditioner will run more efficiently. In addition to a better running AC system, you and your family will benefit from cleaner indoor air.

The BLU QR2 is one of the only UV light systems that comes with a 2 year bulb. (Most others brands need to be replaced every year) In addition to longer bulb life, the BLU QR2 can be installed in any system. A/C Today technicians have these on their service vehicles and would be happy to install one for you today.

Reduces System Maintenance

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Reduces Bacteria, Mold And Viruses

Reduces Odors


BLU-QR2 “2 year lamp”

No Tools Required Installation

Quick Release Lamp Replacement

24 VAC Power Supply Mounts Inside Controls

Multiple Installation Options Including Magnetic Mount

18″L x 3″W x 3″H