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Bradenton Maintenance

Bradenton Maintenance


Maintain your air conditioning and heating system with annual check ups. It becomes very busy the minute summer and winter comes around each year. Therefore, it is a wise decision to request your air conditioning system be checked in the spring and fall time of year. A great reminder is to schedule your maintenance checks around the same time each year. This way, when the seasons come around, you will be prepared. Maintenance is an important factor not to skip.

Average Maintenance Check Checklist:

Inspection and examining the condensate drain inside your central air conditioning and heating system. A blocked drainage could cause water damage and mold within your home. Bacteria likes places that are dark, warm and undisturbed. A place like this could harvest a bad case of mold and mildew breakout. This is not something you want to deal with. Mold and mildew could lead to health issues. Not to mention other leading issues.

Confirm and check thermostat configuration. This is to be certain the air conditioning and heating system will keep you comfortable when you’re home. This also saves you money on utility bills when you are away from home. Your thermostat plays a large roll in your home. Not only does it control the temperature, but it maintains a functioning system. If your thermostat is not working properly, your system will not know what temperature to keep the air at. This will cause it to either not cool properly or continue to run for long periods of time. Either way, this gadget controls everything. We recommend that you frequently change the batteries to continue maintaining proper functioning.

Lubricate each and every operational part. The parts that are starved of lubes will cause friction within the motors. The more friction you have, the increase of electrical energy you consume. Our technicians will lube all components thoroughly. When you have parts working together, it makes for a smoother system. This way, all components can work together. Instead of against each other.

Inspection of controls. Examine the preliminary cycle of this equipment to verify the product starts, performs, and turns off appropriately. This is also an important component. If the controls are not working properly, your system will not work properly. Simply put.

Tighten up every electrical connection. We also evaluate the voltage and current on the motors. Defective or faulty electrical power connections could potentially cause hazardous operation of the system. Not to mention, minimize the life span of most important mechanisms. This is not a component that you want to fail. Your entire system relies upon electrical connections.

Verify and check each and every one of the connections. This includes: the natural gas or oil connections, natural gas pressure, burners combustion as well as the heat exchanger. Inappropriately performing natural gas or oil connections can be a serious fire danger. This can also help play a role in health circumstances. Unclean burners or damaged heating exchanger leads to inappropriate burner functions. Which may increase the risk for this type of equipment to work less securely and correctly.

Take a look at the Air conditioning unit refrigerant point. We can make adjustments as needed. Excessive or substandard refrigerant levels will make your air conditioning system less efficient. This will also minimize the lifetime of the air conditioning system. When your air conditioner is low on coolant, you will know. The feeling in your Florida home will become warm and humid. Normally, this is the first step that is taken when having a maintenance check. Just like your vehicle, checking your fluid levels is very important.

Clean and correct the blower components to make sure there is adequate air movement in your system. This is intended for a high level of comfort. Improper air flow can reduce the effectiveness by as much as 20 percent. This is actually a larger number the you realize. When it comes to comfort in your home, there should be no reasoning. For example: a fan on high speed circulates cooler air faster than a fan on low speed. This is the same with the blower. If there is an issue, the comfort in your home will decrease.

Clean the evaporator and condenser central AC coils. Dirty coils will cut back on the air conditioning system’s capability when cooling your place of residence. Also, it can make your A/C system stay on and run longer. This will then cause your utility expenses to rise. With these issues, you are cutting down on the lifetime of your system as well as cost you more money in the long run.

Maintain your air filter. Examine, clean or change all air conditioner filters. AC Today recommends every 30 days as part of your air conditioning and heating system. If this is something new to you, our technicians can provide you the information you need. Having an unclean air filter can not only increase your electricity bills but also cause damage to your system. This could result in larger issues or even early breakdown. This simple task is the only thing we would recommend you do on your own. There are other components that require a professional. So please, do not try anything without a certified technician present.

If you still have questions about Maintenance of your systems please contact us today.