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How Air Conditioning Works

How Air Conditioning Works

How air conditioning works has a great history behind it. The very first modern Air Conditioning system was engineered in 1902. This was by a youthful electrical engineer known as Willis Haviland Carrier. It was actually invented to resolve a humidity trouble for a particular Graphing and Publications Corporation in Brooklyn, NY. There was paper that was kept in stock inside of the plant. This was used to soak up the moisture during the warmer summer air. This made it problematic to use the layered inking methods of the time period. Carrier addressed the warmer air within the structure by blowing it across ice cold pipes. Air then cooled down as it was passed along the cold pipes. Since cold air is not able to carry that much moisture as hot air, the actual procedure decreased a lot of the humidity. This was a great idea since it settled down the moisture content on the paper for print manufacturing. Decreasing the humidity experienced a side effect advantage of reducing the air temperature. This is how a brand new technology was created.

Carrier recognized he had engineered something that had significant possibilities. It wasn’t a long time before air conditioning techniques started showing up in cinemas as well as retail establishments. This helped make the hot summer season a lot more bearable and more comfortable. With the newest creation he had made, these hot days were going to be a thing in the past before he knew it. I’m sure he didn’t expect how air conditioning works, to be this successful at the time.

The specific process of an air conditioning component utilizes the air temperatures within the home. Really, an air conditioning system is identical to an average appliance in your home. Primarily, your refrigerator is a great example. To keep the refrigerator cool, air flows over coils. If your coils are faulty, the refrigerator will not work properly. Air conditioning units do not have the exterior housing the fridge depends on to insulate it’s own arctic box. In its place, the walls in your residence maintain the cold air inside and hot air outside. That is how air conditioning works.

How air conditioning works is very fascinating. The most important aspect of your system is comfort. Your body will tell you if everything is okay in your home. When you feel constantly cold, your first instinct is to turn up the temperature. But what happens when you suddenly feel warm or hot? You turn down the temperature. So, how many times do your try to turn the temperature down before you realize there’s a problem? It is important as a homeowner to know your air conditioning system. When something doesn’t feel right, it normally isn’t. That is when you call AC Today. Our technicians will handle the rest. It can be complicating how air conditioning works. But with the right company on your side, you can eliminate your worries.