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Fresh Aire UV

Fresh Aire UV

Fresh-Aire UV Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air "Though the power of light!" (Infographic)

Have you ever heard the myth that the air inside of you home may be dirtier than the polluted outside air? Scientists have found that there are more organisms living in the air inside of your home. With the Fresh-Aire UV lights, they have become the answer to many people’s problems. These lights have been used world wide to help families and facilities fight the bacteria that is living in the air. The UV light stops the process of organisms reproducing which results in killing the organisms. These special lights speed up the process to rid them quickly. There are several facilities, besides your home, that utilize the Fresh-Aire UV lights. The most common are hospitals. Since the UltraViolet is so strong it is able to disinfect work areas as well as surgical instruments. Other facilities are food factories, laboratories, water treatments, science classes at schools, etc. With the technology to sterilize the air and sanitize items, these lights are the number one answer to a cleaner and fresher air quality.

With all of the dust Mites, dander and Germs that are living inside of you air vents, no wonder why so many people suffer from allergies and asthma. Fresh-Aire UV Lights is the best option for your home. Once you have this product installed in your home, you will not have to worry about your family breathing in polluted air. With the Fresh-Aire UV lights, not only can you sterilize items, sanitize the air, but you can also eliminate odors hanging around in the air. You and your family can truly benefit from this product.

Fresh-Aire UV Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air "Though the power of light!"
Fresh Aire UV
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