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Float Switches

Float Switches

Your air conditioning system can produce, as much as 20 gallons of condensate water per day. Where there’s water, there’s the potential for algae growth, which can clog the condensate drain line. In the event of a clog, without a float switch, you could potentially flood your home. If your air handler is in the attic, then you could possibly ruin your ceiling or more. A float switch is a device that turns the A/C system off in the event of a drain clog. There are a few different kinds of float switches.

An inline switch intercepts the primary PVC drain line.

A Primary Pan Auxillary switch mounts right to the drain pan of the air handler.

An Auxiliary pan switch mounts to the secondary drain pan. (if equipped)

If your system is not equipped with or float switch or you’re not sure if you have one, Please call A/C Today and we’ll help keep your home protected from a damaging flood.