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Air Conditioning

Let AC Today take care of your Air Conditioning needs. Our professional technicians are highly trained to perform any Air Conditioning job that is needed. Call us today for a free estimate or second opinion. We will review any quotes you may have from another company and provide you with an honest quote.. More »

AC Todays Bradenton Location

AC Todays Bradenton Location

From residential customers to corporate companies, AC Today has provided services in Bradenton for several years now. Our technicians work hard to ensure that air conditioners all around the Bradenton area are functioning properly. Dont forget to schedule your maintenance check with us today. More »

24/7 Air Conditioning Services

24/7 Air Conditioning Services

We provide 24/7 Air Conditioning services for those unexpected times of emergency. No matter the time of day, our technicians are always available for your air conditioning needs. We dont want your family to suffer through the night with no cool air or heat. So call us right away for fast service. More »

Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

Our certified technicians provide commercial air conditioning services for your business. From rooftop installations to commercial maintenance services, you are in good hands with AC Today. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your routine maintenance inspection. More »


Energy Guide

What Is Your Energy Guide Label Telling You?

All appliances seem to be rather expensive these days and Air Conditioners are no different. Shopping for a new air conditioning system can become very overwhelming if you are not aware of what you are looking for. By paying attention to the yellow EnergyGuide label on your appliance, you can find the information you need without spending hours researching every product.

When it comes to saving money, we always look for stores that are having big sales and gimicks. But what if we told you that saving money is not in the price of the system itself, but the amount of what you will be saving year-round. People tend to panic when the total amount of a product is revealed to them. In reality, what they should be focusing on is the item they are investing in. Air Conditioners are not like other appliances such as refrigerators or washers, which could be easily replaced. Instead, these major products are long term items that impact your home in a major way.

Today, major appliances are required to meet the standards of the U.S Department of Energy. In order to meet this requirement by law, manufacturers must test the efficiency of the product before it could be sold to the public. The information on the EnergyGuide label describes the results of the energy test that was performed. The label supplies information including the amount of energy the appliance consumes, comparison of energy usage to other models as well as the approximate amount of annual operating costs (which can vary by the use of the consumer). This information can not be altered to benefit a company.

EnergyGuide Label

Here is a quick guide at what's on the label:

Energy Star
If you have this logo anywhere on the product, this indicates that the product has gone through extensive testing that meets strict energy efficiency guidelines.

Range Of Cost
This information is located in the center of the label. This explains the approximate annual cost of operating the unit. This is what you would use to compare this amount with other models.

Annual Energy Consumption
This amount is the yearly energy consumption that is based on the national average cost of fuel. In other words, what you would be using annually.

Product Details
This information is located at the top right corner of the label. This describes the model number and brand.

As you can see, this EnergyGuide label is not just for looks. It provides information to all consumers about the product and how it works efficiently. This is a great tool to go by when choosing the proper Air Conditioning system for your home.

Written By: Daniel Kinnetz

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