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AC Todays Bradenton Location

AC Todays Bradenton Location

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24/7 Air Conditioning Services

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How long does your Air Conditioning Unit last in Florida?

How long does your unit last in FloridaBeing a Florida AC company, we get several questions regarding the Florida weather and how it effects your Air Conditioning system. Our answers always seem to be the same regarding these issues. Air Conditioners have a lower life expectancy here due to multiple factors that can cause damage to your AC system. Florida is a state that is constantly hot and humid. These weather conditions can add stress to your unit. While trying to keep your home cool, your system is being forced to work harder to keep the temperatures at a comfortable setting.

If you have just purchased your home or recently moved here, the first thing you want to do is call your local AC company. We will be able to inspect your entire AC system and inform you of the issues that you may be dealing with. Our technicians are here to help you make professional decisions on what is best for both you and your home. You must consider that if the AC system is not brand new, issues may arise if it was not well maintained. With our programs that we offer, we can maintain and service your entire system for one low price. Don't let the heat beat you.

Upcoming Air Conditioning Efficiency change is on the way for the southern United States.

Air Conditioning Efficiency Change.

On January 23rd 2006 the Department of energy increased the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating from 10 SEER to 13 SEER. The higher the SEER rating the more energy efficient the system is. Well there doing it again, On January 1st 2015 the Department of Energy is increasing the minimum efficiency standard to 14 SEER, for the southern United States. What this means to you, is that the price to replace your air conditioning system is going to increase. (Perhaps by 10-20%) Some other challenges that we’ll face are fitment issues, generally the higher the efficiency the larger the units become. This can be a serious problem if your air handler is mounted in a closet with say 14 ½ inches of width and the new handler is 17-20 inches wide. This situation is quite common in condos and apartments. The good news is that the newer higher efficiency units will save you money on your utility bill and conserve energy.

Some great tricks to save money on your air conditioning System.

Save money on your air conditioning System.

Have you ever wondered how you could save more money with your Air Conditioning System? We have listed a few tricks that will be easy for your system and easy on your wallet.

1. Schedule your Maintenance checks regularly.
When you are having your Air Conditioning company inspect your system routinely, you are less likely to run into issues. Also, by changing your filters and having the unit cleaned when needed will result in you saving money.

2. Save the guess work for the experts.
If you ever have any questions regarding your system, call AC Today "941-799-1889". Do not try to guess what you think will be the best option or answer. Whenever you think that there is a problem or an issue, have a technician come to your home and inspect the unit.

3. My Air Conditioner is working but I'm still warm.
Sometimes you may need more than your AC unit to cool you off. If you have your thermostat set at a certain degree constantly, your body will adjust to that temperature. Try installing or purchasing fans to circulate the air in your home. This will also simulate a breeze, which will make your home feel cooler.

4. What degree is your home considered normal at?
The more you adjust your temperature settings, the more money it will cost you on your statement. By constantly changing the degrees, you are not regulating a consistent temperature in your home. This means that your AC unit will work harder to cool the home. Try keeping a consistent degree that is both comfortable as well as money saving.

5. How old is your Air Conditioner system?
When you are starting to notice that your system is not running properly or that you seem to not have as cold air as you used to, then maybe it might be time to invest in a new unit. By installing a brand new air conditioning system unit, you are going to save yourself large amounts of money in the long run. You will no longer have to worry about parts breaking, leaking parts or even replacing older parts. Everything will be running smoothly.

6. Fresh air can benefit your home.
When the weather is cooler, try turning off your Air conditioning system and airing out your home. This will also help with allowing fresh air to naturally cool your home. For those hot and unbearable days, make sure that you have secluded the windows and doors that let in a large amount of light or heat. The benefits are going to not force your unit to work so hard to cool the entire house.

Our biggest suggestion would be to leave everything to a professional. If or when there is a potential problem with your Air Conditioning unit, contact us immediately. Our trained staff are available to answer all questions, comments or issues that you may have regarding your unit. Why waste money down the drain when we can help fix anything. Contact us today to speak with a specialist.

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