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Air conditioner basics

The first step in getting a new air conditioner installed is determining what size you need. You don't want one without sufficient power to cool your home, and getting an air conditioner that's too big can be more expensive and less comfortable.

Which compresses low pressure refrigerant gas right into a very high pressure, very elevated temperature gas. Usually the compressor is incorporated in the outdoor division of an air conditioning system or heat pump system. However it can be mounted inside in water source units. The compressor is essentially a high pressure pump that is driven by an electric powered motor. The air conditioning system compressor is generally packaged within the outside compressor/condenser component illustrated in the above picture.

Generally, a condensing coil within which high extreme temperature and very high pressure refrigerant gas moves. This in which the fan blows air to cool down the refrigerant gas back to a functional a liquid state. This is transporting heat from your refrigerant gas towards the air being blown over the fan. The condenser system is essentially a coil of finned tubes plus a fan to blast air over the actual coil. Normally the condenser equipment is inside the outside component of a air conditioning system. Frequently, they are grouped together in association with air compressor motor mentioned above. The modification of condition of your refrigerant, from hot very high pressure gas to the fluid frees heat. Even as well as heat collected within the building into the outside.

This dispenses fluid refrigerant into an evaporator coil. The metering device might be just a thin part of tubing (a capillary or “cap” tube). However, this might be a great deal complicated thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) that features a temperature realizing control. This which may shut and open the device against refrigerant flow.

The air conditioning coil is often a component of finned tubes (it appears very much like an automotive radiator). Which means that liquid refrigerant is metered and allowed to evaporate beginning liquid to gas condition within the coil. This state of change from the refrigerant, as of liquid to gas, soaks up heat. This cools the evaporator coil material and cools the inside air blown throughout the cooling coil. In most cases the cooling coil is placed within the air handler.

Unit which supplies the fan to blow building air across or across the evaporator coil. The air handler blower fan system moves building air throughout the evaporator coil material. This is a way to condition building air by chilling it. Also, through removing wetness from your cooled air.

Tubes which distributes conditioned air from your air handler into the engaged space. This is known as supply ducts. This takes air from your engaged space and returns it letting it to the air conditioning system air handler. This system is what circulates air throughout your entire home. Having a proper duct system is very important. This is what also distributes the air around your home.

Consisting of an area thermostat, electrical switches, fuses or circuit breakers, condensate handling system, and air conditioner filters. These controls and features are what makes up your air conditioning system. Keeping these functions maintained is what will provide you and your family with a properly functioning system.

A/C Instalation

Being informed about your air conditioning system can help you appreciate how hard it works to keep you and your family cool. As a homeowner, it is important to have the knowledge. By having our technicians perform routine maintenance checks, we can ensure that your system is functioning properly. Don’t wait until something happens to your air conditioning system. Be prepared. Nobody wants to sit in a hot humid house waiting for a technician to fix their system. We want you to enjoy the cool air everyday. Don’t forget to schedule your routine maintenance check.