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A/C Maintenance

A/C Maintenance

Purchasing a brand new air conditioning system is a very large investment. It is not every day that we spend thousands of dollars on a household appliance. This is why A/C maintenance is very important, to protect your investment. At A/C Today, we offer many services for your air conditioner, however, A/C maintenance is one of the most important. It's just like owning a car or boat, if you do not take of them properly, one day they will not work. Many people do not realize the important of A/C maintenance and how it could effect your system, this is one of the most overlooked tasks that we hear from our customers. Folks tell us everyday that they don't understand the reason for having an A/C maintenance inspection. Just because the system is not showing any warning signs to you, does not mean it is not slowly failing. By having these inspections, our technicians can address any issues they find.

With many people neglecting their A/C maintenance inspections, it's no wonder why they have to replace their entire system prematurely. The whole purpose of a maintenance check is to inspect the air conditioning system to ensure every part is functioning properly. If something needs to be addressed, we can do it at that time, rather that waiting till it fails. It is hard to know exactly when your unit will stop working, that's why we advise all of our customers to diligently schedule their routine A/C maintenance check. This way you can rest assured that you won't be left out in the cold, or heat for that matter.

When you schedule an appointment for your A/C maintenance check, there are a few things that our technicians inspect.

Here is a small A/C maintenance checklist:

Check Refrigerant levels
Inspect drain pans
Lubricate all moving parts (if needed)
Inspect Compressor and refrigerant tubing
Inspect and/or replace air filters
Ductwork inspections
Blower motor- measure the amperage and voltage to check for proper functioning
Inspect all electrical for proper connections
and many more.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Sarasota FL

There is an old saying out of sight, out of mind. This is because if something is not right in front of our faces, we tend to forget about it. This same scenario goes for your A/C maintenance. If someone is not reminding you to have your check, we tend to forget about it until it is too late. Take advantage of our maintenance contacts and We’ll remind you when it’s time for your check up. Please don’t wait until your system stops working to get a maintenance check, by then it’s too late. It is our job to be there for you and your family every step of the way, not just when something bad happens. Schedule your AC maintenance check today.