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AC Today symbolizes excellence as well as reliability for any and all of your Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement needs. We are dedicated to providing you the very best service in Sarasota and Bradenton.

Our Technicians are Factory trained and NATE certified to assure that the repair is done right the first time. We do NOT send salesmen in disguise.

You will find our staff to be helpful and knowledgeable from the time you call, until the time our technician leaves you and your home comfortable.

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Emergency air conditioning services
AC Repair in sarasota fl
24 Hour Emergency Service

Hot or Cold, Day or Night we’ll keep you comfortable. 24/7 Air Conditioning service for those unexpected emergencies.

Call us now at (941) 799-1889 we don’t want you or your family to suffer through the night with no cool air or heat.

75+ Years Experience

A/C Today is State Certified, License #CAC1817009, Bonded and Insured to give you piece of mind that you’re dealing with an upstanding company.

Our Air Conditioning staff and technicians are highly trained, with 75+ years of combined experience, to ensure that every job is done to perfection

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Our Services

Air Conditioning

We offer high quality installation of residential and commercial air conditioning systems, using the best equipment, at a competitive price.

A/C Maintenance

Routine A/C Maintenance is as important to the life of your air condition system, as changing engine oil is to your vehicle. Get maintenance today.

Air Conditioning Repair Service

Outstanding Air Conditioning Repair Service is what we provide to every customer. We stand behind that statement with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

AC Repair

We provide AC Repair for all makes and models of residential and commercial air conditioning systems, using only the finest tools and materials, at a lower cost to you.

HVAC Contractor

Choosing an HVAC contractor is one of the most important decisions you can make for your AC system and your wallet. Thanks for choosing A/C Today.

Duct Cleaning

The air in your home can be up to 5 times dirtier than the air outside! If you don’t know when the last time you had Duct Cleaning performed, it’s probably time.


Unites Installed


Central Unites


Less Energy Used

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J. Landcaster

Sarasota, FL

AC Today came in under 30 minutes on a Sunday after 6pm. He new exactly what he was doing while repairing our air conditioning. Call Dan to help you in your Home air conditioning repairs you won't regret it.

trane air conditioning installed

Justin Simmons

Sarasota, FL

AC Today was prompt, hardworking, friendly, and honest. What more could you want! I was completely satisfied with the job and give him a thumbs up.

More About Our Air Conditioning Services.

Your air conditioning system is one of the largest purchases for your home. Did you know that the air inside your home can have more harmful pollutants than the air outside your home? With the help of durable air filters and new technology, you can create a healthy environment for you and your family. Air Conditioning systems were invented in 1902. From then to now, this system is what keep us cool all day and night. This luxury can be taken for granted if not cared for properly.

Not only does your air conditioning system keep you and your family cool on a hot day, it also provides a cleaner air quality. With innovative products, you can create a healthy environment for everyone in your home. The Fresh Aire UV light is a good addition to your air conditioning system. The UV light sterilizes the air as it passes through components inside your air conditioning system. With this product, you will be able to breathe better and minimize the exposure to pollen, dust and debris that may trigger any respiratory issues you may have.

At AC Today, our certified technicians are always ready and prepared to help our neighbors with their air conditioning needs. From changing air filters or replacing parts, AC Today has the staff, professional equipment and integrity for the job.

When you think of all the services AC Today can provide, Air Conditioning Repair Service is one of them. These services can be as large as replacing evaporator coils or large components to checking or replacing your air filter. Either way, Air Conditioning Repair Service is important for your entire system. Hiring a professional company is what makes the difference. AC Today has experienced and NATE certified technicians to do the job right, the first time.

If you are faced with needing air conditioning repair service, we recommend obtaining a few estimates from other companies. Comparing quotes can help you with your final decision. AC Today gives all customers an honest quote along with honest advice. We do not try to up-sell any items, nor do we receive any type of referral funds for using certain products. Our quotes are a way of showing the value we have in our customers.

When your system is running properly, it will help reduce your energy bills. Saving on electricity can save you money. There are many tips that will provide your home with a cool feeling, without paying the price for it. A few tips are fans, closing the blinds, cooking outside, leaving the windows and doors closed shut. With the right Air Conditioning Repair Service, those tips can help add efficiency to your home.

Hiring an HVAC Contractor is very important. Not everyone is qualified to be an HVAC Contractor. There are multiple exams, a certain amount of hands on experience, continual training and more. It takes time and dedication to become and HVAC Contractor. The average homeowner will hire a company because of the certification their technicians possess. This is what sets AC Today, apart from other local air conditioning companies. It can be risky hiring a company that is not certified. You can risk damage and liability by using an unqualified company.

We recommend that you research the company you are interested in hiring. Gather information on the company background and employees. You are also able to contact the potential company and ask questions regarding their certifications, services and customer reviews. This is important to all homeowners. When you establish a relationship with a good company, you tend to stay with that company for many years. That is what out HVAC Contractors can do for you. Honesty, professional appearance, and common manners are what we provide to all customers. Being an HVAC Contractor is a privilege and AC Today is proud to service the Sarasota and Bradenton location.

Before hiring a company, be sure to do all the research you need to make a good judgement. HVAC Contractors are valuable when it comes to handling your air conditioning system. Having the knowledge, experience and credentials truly does make a difference.

Many people wait until something happens to do something about it. This is the same thought for your air conditioning system. The saying goes, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. However, it is not a good idea to wait until something breaks to address an issue. Your air conditioning system will let you know when things aren’t going properly. Maybe your air is not as cool as it was yesterday or you are hearing strange noises every now and then. These indicators are potential AC Repairs.

AC Maintenance is important when it comes to life expectancy. When you catch them early, you can prevent those large AC Repair quotes. That is when our technicians can intervene on possible AC Repairs. People may not always know what is going to happen tomorrow, however, AC Today can provide you with routine maintenance to keep those AC Repairs under control. When you wait until something happens to call us, you might be in store for AC Repairs. If you are facing expensive AC Repairs, AC Today has available financing at all times. No need to break the bank or stretch your wallet. Instead, let our financing options take part of the burden off your shoulders.

Deciding whether to have AC Repair or replace your system, our technicians are there for assistance. There are no high pitch selling products or overly priced quotes. You will receive an honest quote with all the details pertaining to your air conditioning system. Our hassle free, no obligation quotes can guide you in the direction of what is best for you and your AC Repairs.

AC Maintenance is very important. Not only for the system itself, but also for the life expectancy of your air conditioner. There is a 30 year old Commercial air conditioning unit that we have maintained and is still running good today. It has seen the worst of days from our Florida weather. With the proper AC Maintenance, it has upheld its efficiency throughout the years. For an AC system to function properly, it needs to be taken care of. A poorly maintained unit will not only function poorly, but will also lessen the life expectancy.

During your scheduled AC Maintenance appointment, our technician will inspect several components of your air conditioning system. The main objective is to lubricate components, inspect the wires for any potential damage, change air filter if needed, and ensure your air conditioning system is properly functioning. Don’t wait until the last minute to have your AC Maintenance inspection.

Without proper AC Maintenance, it’s no wonder why replacing an entire air conditioning system is becoming more common. Simple and minor repairs are going to be needed at some point, which is absolutely normal. However, neglecting AC Maintenance is leaving your system open to potential hazards and escalating issues.

Your company is our business. We want to take care of not only your employees, but customers as well. A happy environment makes for a happy business. Commercial Air Conditioning systems are similar to residential units. However, they can be more complex in many ways as well. The size of the system is vital. A company needs a large enough system to handle constant temperature settings.

Just like residential units, Commercial Air Conditioning systems also needs a routine maintenance inspection. There can be a negative impact on the system as it is exposed to extreme outside temperatures. The Florida weather can damage the outside elements of the system. Over time, normal wear and tear can happen. However, unlike a residential unit, Commercial Air Conditioning systems are more susceptible to debris, high winds and contaminants. Not having the proper maintenance schedule will add to the overall efficiency.

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